It’s sometimes funny to learn how you got into things and then a path can completely change for a while. But also like a miracle can get back to where you started from, and you realize that it was always that one thing that you deeply wanted in first place! It happend to me:

As a six year old I sat with my mum and my sister in a fairy tale musical where the performers, mostly kids, were singing, dancing and tumbling besides acting. I didn’t remember much from that but there was one character, an actress playing the role of the cook’s assistant, that catched my full attention. I loved how funny she was, how she spoke, how clever she was. I fell in love with that quirky character. I told my mum I wanted to be on that stage, too and be like her. So we decided I had to go to ballet school like all of those kids on stage first and I started my journey into the world of dance.

When I was 10 I finally was on that same stage and lived the dream.Later my training got more and more professional and intense and besides ballet I did modern dance, jazz, tap, singing and started acting. My school was versatile but not very professional in the techniques they were teaching. I already was 14 years old when I discovered how weak I was compared to the skills of students from other schools. And I decided to go for ballet fully instead of being a musical performer. There I left acting and singing and emerged into a ballet career fort he next 15 years.

But I guess I never lost this actress inside me cause I often was forced to „pretend“ I was something else: in my first auditions as a ballet dancer I had to transform from the insecure and self-conscious student that i was full of doubts about my skills into a „watch-me-cause-I-have-it-all-that-you-are-looking-for“ strong ballerina…! Not an easy task if you have the strong voice of your never satisfied teacher in mind that reminds you daily that you are just not good enough. But somehow I made it, something obviously never let me give up.
In my contortion shows I’m acting without words, but more and more I’m back into real acting now either on stage or in film. It feels as if a circle is closing and things start to make sense. With all the life experience and the stage performances, the encounters with different people throughout the years, the discouragements, the stand up after falling (over and over again)…, all this made me full of impressions that I can use for my acting. It would never have been the same without those ups and downs, that’s for sure.