My passion - my dedication - my destiny: it all started with that crazy moment I decided to travel to China and learn the beautiful art of contortion. Today, I work successfully as an internationally recognized professional contortionist. I'm grateful and happy to have chosen such an unusual path that is very hard and demanding at times but is extremly rewarding in the end! Learn more about my contortion life here. From the first steps into acrobatics in the backyard of my parent's house to that unforgettable moment where I performed in front of 12 million people in the casting show „America’s Got Talent“.... And the journey is not over yet. It gets even more interesting the older I get.


It was always there since my early childhood: the passion and love for the camera and the transformation into different personalities. Countless times I presented myself or advertised a product in front of a camera. The challenge in a shooting is to catch that one moment, to get the perfect picture. How this journey started and other little adventures from those past years as a model you'll find out here. From imitating the models in all the fashion magazines as a child to the moment I got the call to model for star photographer Peter Lindbergh for German Vogue Magazine. I can say that I have found my niche in this crazy model world where the requirements are usually very strict and almost impossible to reach.


Whenever I dance and in all of my contortion acts I love playing different roles or telling a story. Sometimes it's just the song that requires a certain feeling or in other cases, I consciously choose a character like the Bondgirl in my "Goldeneye Act", the Catwoman, the Panther, the sophisticated but naughty highclass Girl or the Cabaret Dancer. I portray such characters in my performances cause its so much more interesting for the the audience to follow a story. Besides that, nobody is interested to see just pure technique during an entire act. You’ll never win an audience just by showing some crazy tricks. Check out here how I got started with acting as a 10 year old in my very first stage performances in Musicals till the moment as an actress in the movies.

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Here is an overview of bookings and places where you can find Nina Burri performing. Come stop by and visit the great professional Contortionist from Switzerland live!!

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Nina Burri

My Life after the Casting Shows

I was very happy when Swiss TV channel SRF1 called me to ask if I would participate in a special TV Show a couple of months ago. They wanted to put focus on successful contestants and the winners of the famous program “Die grössten Schweizer Talente” (DGST), the swiss version of the “Got Talent” Shows. […]

Nina Burri

Erfahrungen aus dem Showbiz: Schweiz vs. Amerika

Warum tritt man (noch) in Bern auf wenn man in New York City Shows machen kann? …oder: warum tut man sich den steinigen Weg in NYC an, wenn man es zu Hause bequem haben könnte? Diese Frage ist sehr einfach zu beantworten: weil man eine vielseitige Künstlerin ist und logischerweise jede Chance nutzt, die Kunst […]

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