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"Planned It All" - The new Music Video we created in Miami-FL with this beautiful song by Swiss singer-songwriter Bastian Baker. Find it on his new album "Facing Canyons" on iTunes!

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Lately I had the chance to participate in many great projects including music videos and films. Here is an example of a series of short films we created with the artist Vidak Radonjic in the famous Red Hook Buildings, New York City. It's the story of a woman that is captured by a man and transforms from butterfly back into the woman she used to be the moment she escapes.

by Tatiana Kurnosova, Milan

I participated in a new series for the TV Show "Glanz und Gloria". You can check out here how magical this experience was...

And BTW: I still haven't figuered out how he did those tricks!!!

calendar of Events and Bookings January till March 2016:

(Public Shows in Red):

January 10 - January 22: Miami, USA

January 23 - February 5: Europe

February 6 - February 15: New York City, USA

February 16 - March 22: Europe

February 20: "Beziehungsweise", Guest Artist, Le Théâtre Kriens Lucerne, CH

February 23 and 24: "A Circus Symphony", KKL Lucerne, CH

March 5 and 6:  "Artistika" Festival, Co-Host, Visp, CH

March 9: "Winnergala Artistika in Zermatt", Mont Cervin Palace, CH

some Impressions of the past months ! And the shows go on: 2016 will be a busy and exciting year...

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