The “Nina Burri Calendar 2017” is sold out!

Thank you very much for your amazing support. My calendar project, described below, was a huge success, and we are planning the next one already. Check-in occasionally for news about it:-)

I am so happy and grateful that I can finally announce my first and brand-new “Nina Burri Calendar 2017”.

This project started over one year ago when I realized that the year 2017 will be a triple anniversary for me:

I gonna turn 40 (OMG how could this happen so fast…?), I will celebrate my 30 years on stage and last but not least it was exactly 10 years ago when I packed my bags for a new life as a contortionist when traveling to Beijing-China in September 2007 with nothing more than a vague idea in mind and a hope to learn and create something unique and exciting to watch…, one day, later 🙂

The calendar is an opportunity to watch my work without restrictions, too! Many of my body-art pictures can always be seen on this website or in a magazine of course when published, but often can’t be shared on social media channels, because of the strange rules concerning nudity. The calendar contains very different pictures: those telling a story, others are expressing a feeling or showing movement in photography.

I have chosen some really great photographers I either already worked with earlier (and of course love their work) or that were willing to collaborate for the project and take unique and special pictures of me somewhere in this world! At the end we had problems to choose from so many amazing pictures of each session…and I was almost disappointed to have just 12 pages to fill.

From January I will post every month here on my blog the story behind each picture, the making of impressions and other shots that didn’t make it into the calendar but are worth to be seen:-) Check in here regularly for updates!

What I learned very fast in the process: You have to know what you want and decide clearly, no matter what hundreds of friends, experts or other people are telling you! I heard many times that calendars are out of fashion and nobody would buy them nowadays…, well, this has yet to be proofed! I am convinced that they still have their niche if the quality is great and if they show something very special.

And the last thing I wanted to hear from someone that could be a potential collaborator: to follow the rules of this person or institution instead of following my own belief. This always happens when more and more people take over your product, by helping to create or to sell. For sure they have their goals and interests, but i have them, too!

Freedom means I can do what I want, but the price is high: many hours of work, sometimes failure and for sure learning by doing…. And what a satisfaction when you have finally made it! Priceless:-)

This calendar is not about making tons of money, it is a project that comes from the heart and is a great way to show the world the versatility of my photos, ideas and talent!

Take a first look here and get your unique copy fast. There is a limited edition and we will ship worldwide of course. The prize includes all costs: taxes, handling and shipping. You can pay safely by Paypal or Creditcard, and if you are not familiar with those payment methods drop an email with your address to:

…and we will send you the information for pre-payment.

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What’s inside:

Cover – 12 Months/Pages (English) – Extrapage (Photographers) – Imprint (Pictures)

Size: 420 x 420 mm  //  16.5 x 16.5 inches

Prize: 45 $ all inclusive, shipping worldwide

Cover Calendar Nina Burri by Arno Lippert 20161009Content_NinaBurri_Calendar2017


Producer and Model:

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