There are very strict requirements in the world of professional model agencies to become a working model. For me, this was always the most intimidating: the rules that somebody made and the fact that all those don’t really matter in a picture (which was confusing to me in fact), I was for a long time thinking I would never be able to be a model, even if I always modeled for fun since an early age…

But the fact that I’m too small for the catwalk and therefore not really interesting for most agencies, prevented me from actually applying there. Which was stupid because the model industry has so many niches that one could fill: body model, beauty, oversize, detail model, editorial, high fashion, commercial. Luckily I know that today and I made myself a name for being a moving model with a crazy flexible body and also for beauty pictures. I still don’t work with a model agency, somehow with the years I realized I can’t give up my dance or now my contortion to run from casting to casting and to fully sacrifice my time to this.

My training and keeping the high level in my shows is more important and makes me unique, especially in photography. That means I will maybe always be „the contortionist that models“, even if the shootings are now almost 50% of my business. And I really love them. Since my shows are very set and not changing that much and the traveling and performing is rather a lonely thing that I do by myself, I appreciate even more the variety of the shootings, the commercials and the advertisements I am booked for. A huge part of my model work is also the collaboration with photographers and visual-artists for their art exhibitions, books or installations. A lot of it is nude art, showing the body in all it’s versatility and often in contrast to strong architecture, different shapes and backgrounds such as unusual landscapes.

Sometimes I wish I would have had the courage to step into an agency at a very early age, but I guess our lifeplan is made already and if it has to happen it will happen. Otherwise I would never had the chance to shoot with legends such as Peter Lindbergh or to be booked for a commercial for BMW! And this happend because I was a contortionist with a model face and ability…., and because I never gave up believing that I can do this. Don’t be shy, go for it if you think you can do it!