I was very happy when Swiss TV channel SRF1 called me to ask if I would participate in a special TV Show a couple of months ago. They wanted to put focus on successful contestants and the winners of the famous program “Die grössten Schweizer Talente” (DGST), the swiss version of the “Got Talent” Shows. And since I made it into 2nd place in 2011 and still am going on doing contortion, it was definitely interesting to see how my career looks like today and to make a little flashback on the past 5 years.

I agreed to participate, and soon the TV team came to my sister’s house to start filming the “today” part including my training and the interview. Later they would complete my story with flashbacks to shows I did, interviews and many impressions from New York and Miami and my vision for the future.

One thing was very obvious when the show aired, Saturday September 24, 2016: “Die grössten Schweizer Talente: Mein Leben danach!”

Compared to the other contestants I was the only one that dared to go further and to leave the comfort zone (of Switzerland), the well protected area where a career can be successful, but always within certain restrictions: it’s very small and therefore limited.

I saw many great talents in the TV Show and I wonder why they didn’t go for more…? It can be a bit blinding when the first success after such a public show arrives, and many forget that the audience follows often the hype for the moment, but what’s next when nobody is asking you for an interview and no newspaper writes about you and pushes your journey? Will you still invest time and energy even if there is no applause? Is your talent enough for the big career and will you push it further? I did it, before and after that TV Show, because it was just the chance for a moment that crossed my way and never the only goal.

My advice for young and aspiring talents in this world is the following:

Yes, do the show! See how far you can get and how others judge your work. Use the publicity, use the hype and learn from the situation, but be prepared that the most important is your backpack ready for the time afterwards: a backpack full of work you did and time you invested before, lots of energy and experience that you should have to go on by yourself. If you are a musician: use the hype and sell your songs that you have ideally written before, or do it while people are still following you. If you are an acrobat, use the great videos and apply in the best shows, in circus or varieties in this world. If you have another crazy talent, produce the best promo-video and show it to the world. And last but not least: don’t try to calculate success: one day you win and other days you might loose, but if your love for your art is strong enough you will never fail in a long term! Don’t wait until nobody is interested to see your talent anymore, especially in small countries. Or: be very creative and keep surprising your audience! The world turns fast today and the next superstar is already in the pipeline.

Casting Shows are just the beginning and then you have to jump. The ones that take the success for granted and think it’s always gonna be “like that”…will wake up a couple of months later with nothing more than a nice memory. A good example for the wrong timing was a great opera singer that won the show a couple of years ago. In the very first success, when everyone followed her adventures and wanted to know how her live would go on, she did nothing: no CD and nothing her new fans could be satisfied with. Only almost a year after the win she started selling a CD, nicely sung but with opera-evergreens that were known already and didn’t give her music a personal touch. Why should anyone want to spend money for that? It was also a time when people stopped being interested in what would come next, they simply lost touch. She then returned to her normal day-job and keeps dreaming about a life on stage. And here is what I know for sure after so many years in the Showbiz:

There is a time for success and you should better be ready when it comes along your way.

Watch here my part of the emission. Thank you SRF.ch for the spotlight!