Is contortion for everyone? Is it true that chinese contortionists do surgery on their spine in order to be even more flexible? Did you do that, too?


Not everybody’s genetics are meant to do that! Ideally your body fulfills certain preconditions in order to learn those very exceptional positions more easily. Long and slim extremities are for sure a plus when becoming a contortionist. High open joints as well. It can be an advantage to have very long legs and a short upper body, but also the opposite is possible: a long spine an shorter legs. For me I am definitely very open in my hips and I do have long legs. And I take a lot of flexibility from a very stretched groin.

Yes there are rumours that certain contortionists have done surgery, but I don’t believe in those at all! You probably ruin the body first than making it more flexible for contortion. The only way to get really flexible is by a daily training routine, dedication and the will to achieve your goal. The victory starts always in your mind first and then the body will follow!