How long can you do contortion? Is there an age limit?

Forget limits in general. Limits exist only in your head! I can’t answer this question as a general rule for every contortionist! Chinese contortionists usually train their whole childhood and become professional artists as teenagers already. Unfortunately their career is usually over when they are in their twenties. They perform on such a high level day in day out, the body can’t take it no more.

The chinese acrobatic troupes are very well organized, so that some former contortionists teach the young girls or go on with other circus disciplines. For us in the western countries it is more an individual artform. Honestly, I can’t tell you an agelimit since I started when I was thirty and my body has never showed any particular problems with those extreme movements and contortion. I guess I can go on as long as I am willing to do the training!

By the way: the oldest contortionist that is still on stage is 67 years old!