How do I book a contortionist / entertainer / specialty act for my event? What are the necessary requirements?

My clients usually heard about me or saw a video or got a recommendation from someone or found me via Google search. On my webiste they contact me using the contact form and there they can find more necessary information, such as stage and lighting requirements. Facts for hiring Nina.

The most important is always: the more information I’ll get from clients about the gala or the event they plan, the better I can propose the acts or understand their special wishes for their event entertainment. I usually give them a choice of several acts that could fit well and they can watch the showreel and picutes of different costumes to get a better idea what I gonna do and how it looks.

These informations are included in the offer I send to the clients after I made sure that I’m available for the specific date(s). I will let them know the costs for the artist-booking, the travel-fee, hotel and if necessary rehearsal or any additional costs. I usually give the clients three weeks to respond and let me know if the booking is happening.