The two questions that I always have to answer in interviews are: can everyone be a contortionist and why did you choose contortion? Well, the first answer is clearly “no”, since there is much more than just a talented flexible body behind the art of contortion – it’s an entire lifestyle that you have to accept! And second: I would say that contortion did chose me rather than I wanted to be a contortionist in the beginning ?Sounds weird but here are the explanations:

It’s first of all a very hard and demanding work – every single day of your life. Contortion is like a baby that needs your full focus and attention. The day is structured around the training, and so is the nutrition, the leisure activities and the planning in general. Timing is extremely important and relaxation as well. Many people are possibly much more talented that me but still never make it into the professional field. Mostly because they are not willing to sacrifice as much time and energy for the craft. And why do I still do this crazy lifestyle?

Because in the end it is deeply satisfying – it never just stays on the surface, it goes beyond everything: hidden blockades, honesty with yourself, no cheating possible. Contortion reveals it all and it will be there no matter how many followers you have in the virtual world and how popular you might be for the moment or longer if you are lucky. What you learned and maintained as a craft remains no matter what.

I’m not only an artist but as well a high level competitive athlete even if we don’t get medaled for our work. I always knew that my body has special flexibility but when I started to be a ballet dancer I rather had to fight for good stability in my body than stretching to the maximum. Later, after 10 years as a professional ballet dancer I said to myself: there are so many crazy things I can do, why should I hide that and always adapt to what ” the others / the group ” is doing best, which were clearly not my preferred moves by the way! When I was hired in a show in Tokyo shortly before I turned 30 I decided to take a break from all I was doing so far: successfully dancing at the Moulin Rouge in Paris, in great shows in Berlin and Japan,  and traveled to an acrobatic school in China.

I learned so much in every aspect of life and acrobatics and people thought I’m completely crazy…
The rest is history: 8 hours a day for 6 months I trained hard and became little by little a professional contortionist. I started my career when back in Europe with my first choreographies and presented myself to as many Festivals and Circus competitions as possible.

I got my first bookings and 3.5 years later appeared on TV in the famous casting show “Switzerland’s got Talent” („Die grössten Schweizer Talente“) where the Swiss people discovered me and I ended up in second place. From then on I traveled the world for my bookings and was very proud that my crazy and impossible looking plan was a full success and the dream clearly became alive! No risk no fun ?