Nina Burri has several contortion acts ready to perform at your corporate and private events, galas, circus shows or happenings.

Have a look at the “Contortion Showreel” and check out the “VIDEO” section to see different acts and shows she performed.

Below you will find pictures with a variety of costumes she usually wears, but if you have special requests on wardrobe, music or a specific theme for your event, don’t hesitate to ask for it.

Besides its presence on stage and in circus, contortion is very popular in photography, film and fashion these days. Let us know about your ideas to realize beautiful and crazy and unusual art together.


Length: Long showacts are 7 Minutes, short acts 3-5 Minutes. Clients often wish two performances in one gala-night, a main act and later an add-on.

It is possible to perform up to 4 different showacts in the same event.

In order to be seen properly during Nina’s acts, the provided stage / performance space should be high enough, about 3 Meters in total. In certain event venues an extra podium or small stage with the measurements of 6.5 ft x 6.5 ft (= 2 x 2 Meters) and a height of minimum 15.7 in (= 40 cm) or more is necessary to be properly seen by the audience.

Nina is always open to perform with live music! In case there is a band, an orchestra or a singer in the same event, please let us know. We could create a great collaboration.

Performances in a stadium, arena or any huge venue should be followed by a camera and projected onto the screens.